Compare Gas And Electricity Prices And Make Substantial Savings

Home energy savings? compare electricity and gas prices

It is especially important to compare gas and electricity prices under steeply rising energy costs. This is as much a UK phenomenon as worldwide. And make no mistake: it is here to stay for some time yet.

The six big British energy suppliers faced a 30% increase in the cost of wholesale gas in 2011 and increases in wholesale electricity.

Here is something you can do about it...

Compare Gas And Electricity Prices For Your Home

Energy suppliers are passing this cost on to their consumers at increases around 18 percent for gas and 16% for electricity. This means some nine million households will pay an average of some £190 extra per year for the average dual fuel bill.

Do you think this will stop here?

These rises hurt, particularly as food prices are rising in tandem and this trend is long-term, not short-term.But there is a simple way to ensure you don’t miss out on the cheapest dual fuel prices, the lowest gas bill, and a lower electric bill.

Businesses Can Save Very Large Amounts On Their Energy Bills

Business energy costs can be very high and go into the tens of thousands of pounds per year, or even more, depending on the industry.Every percent in bill savings adds up to large sums of money. Why waste it?

Compare Gas And Electricity Prices For Your Business


Bundle Your Energy Bills With The Best Telecom Deal And Save Even More

To compare gas and electricity prices is one thing, combining them with savings on telecommunication bills is all part of keeping an edge on the competition in business. Calls can add up fast.

Telecommunication rates are highly competitive. While you are saving on your energy bill you can save on your telecom bill too, with one company.

Bundled Energy/Telecom Deals!

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