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Comments for
Cold Fusion

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Jan 06, 2010
agreed... do away with 2 party system
by: Cheryl

I agree with you. The 2-party system is set up to pit the 2 partys against each other so we are busy competing back and forth, and not paying attention to what the real puppet-masters are doing.

There are only a few of them and we are meekly following the "programmed mindset". Programmed from the lame-stream media that is owned by a few major corporations that dictate what is said on the news.

Nothing is black and white. It makes no sense to me how people categorize themselves as either lefties or conservative. Are there really only 2 ways to think on every topic?

We do not really know who is running our country. It is not the President of the US. He is merely a pawn. The global banking system is seemingly in charge and those behind its scenes... whoever they may be.

I profess we have more power than we realize. Lets take ownership of our freedom!

Jan 06, 2010
Cold Fusion
by: Jude

Yes, it is a shame how our country will bury so many good things that would help the people of our country so that the money men can get wealthier and we can go broker.
remember the engin's that go terrific mileage and how the oil companies buried them so we would pay and use engin's that used more gas? Well I remember them along with so many other things.
The only way we as citizens of the USA is going to change these things is to change our voti8ng system. Get rid of the electoral college and remember all elected officials are open to impeachment not just a president who got a blow job.
It is up to all of us together to change things, but we can't do it unless we all work together.
Thank you for letting me rant a bit.

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