by Lisa

Since your Green movies category is wide, I suggest 'Click. Why? This movie is a humorous take on our lives as mostly on autopilot. Here the main character, Michael (played by Adam Sandler), finds that his life is in need of simplification. So many things need attending to. So he gets a remote control with universal application. Just replay, fast-forward or put in slow motion aspects of your life.

It's interesting you have 'Being There' on your Green movie list, as there is a great scene in that movie too where the main character (Peter Sellers)tries to change the channel when he's at knife point.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book
, mentions Click as an movie example of the unconsciousness of most of our lives. His solution is that we become more conscious of 'Being' so that the 'things' in our lives work better for us and for the Earth.

I enjoyed 'Click'and I think you should have it in your Green Movies Guide.

By the way, this is a great list, thanks, including some good films for kids, but there is no way to pick them out easily. Kids have the future, so maybe you can make that more explicit?

Thanks Lisa. Great suggestions. "Click" is in the Great Green Movies Guide now. And I have indicated some kids movies with ** next to the title.

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