What Are The Best Hybrid Cars - How To Choose Yours In Six Easy Steps

Not only the best hybrid cars, but all of them, cost a little more and it's still new, but fast moving technology. The quickly increasing choices for hybrid cars make it more difficult to choose. And you want to choose well – a hybrid to fit you like a glove for the right price.

First my confession. I do not own a hybrid car car myself. There! That's out of the way.

Why not? Well, I assessed my options and ended up buying a car that runs on liquid petroleum gas. A cheap and clean option where I live, relative to petrol – Western Australia. Of course my next car might well be a hybrid.


Search car auctions to pick up a cheap hybrid. For example, we found a 2007 Toyota Prius, sold for under $6000!

It's all about what's right for you and for the environment, right now. The main thing is that I know this is right for me because I used a framework to decide. I figured it out without the

But what IS right - for YOU? Sorting out the best hybrid cars can be a head-ache and time-consuming.

And no sooner have put down your news paper to look for local hybrids, and they've brought out a new one!

There are even hybrid cars for sale on Ebay. 2007 hybrid cars! 2008 hybrid cars! What are the best hybrid cars out of all that information about hybrid cars? Heck! Choices, choices!

Don't worry. I've scoured existing resources to come up with a better way. A framework you can use to determine what's right for you – at any time. And it's free, simple and right here.

Of course there is no instant answer on a platter as to what is best for you. You must do your homework. This information allows you to do that well. First use this excellent decision-making tool: ChooseIt.

So stop before rushing to the Six Steps!

Please do use this decision-making tool with what you know now. Doing it will pay off handsomely in choosing the best hybrid cars. And then... use it again after having gone through all Six Steps. Click on ChooseIt now

Make sure you take a note of the results you got. Here we go!

First be clear that you DO need and want one before you look for the best hybrid cars.

Step One What Are Your Needs?

First, ask yourself

Honestly, face to face...

  • What will I use my new car for? Is it work, leisure, shopping...?
  • Who will use the car and how many will travel in it? You alone? Kids? Car pooling?
  • Is it mainly for city use or also long country trips?
  • How much can I afford in a lump sum or to pay off a loan?
  • Am I willing to pay a premium for a hybrid car? Why? To save the environment?
  • I a bicycle or electric scooter enough to fulfill these needs?
  • Any other needs?
  • Then ask...What's my style?

    Do you like a bit of accelerating power? Burn rubber?

  • Performance with lots of grunt noise?
  • Red-hot design a must?
  • Need the best safety features?
  • A deep need for a gear stick? Or automatic OK?
  • Just getting from A to B reliably, cheaply and environmentally-friendly?

And don't forget to come back to check out this page on the best hybrid cars and what makes them tick.

Or buy this comprehensive CD set:

Use auctions to your advantage. Find your own - cheap - hybrid there.

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