Articles On All Things Alternate Energy Sources


On this page you will find articles written by me, on many aspects of alternate energy sources. What they truly are. How they are being used. And what you can do about living with global warming. Dr Erik Leipoldt writes about alternate energy sources, global warming and how a disability perspective of interdependence may help.

You may download these articles and publish them freely.


Under three conditions only:

  1. Article must be reproduced in its entirety, including the resource box containing information about the author
  2. No changes may be made without author's permission
  3. The author must be acknowledged

Articles for download:

The Effects Of Global Warming - How To Live With Them.

Effects of global warming, disability and the Middle-East wars – what you can do.

10 Alternate Energy Sources To Live Well With Global Warming.

The Cause Of Global Warming – Is It You?

Here are two more articles:

Disability, interdependence and community

People with disabilities in a disabled world—threats and promises

There are other articles that I have written and which have been published in refereed or non-refereed journals or magazines. You can find some on my page called "about me."

These articles can generally only be reproduced by obtaining permission from the journal, or from myself. Checking with me first if you want to reproduce any is the safest route.

Please Contact me if you are interested in that.



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