An Inconvenient Truth - A Passionate Movie About An Overwhelming Issue

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Maybe it's an inconvenient truth that this great wake-up-to-what's-happening-to-our-planet movie is disputed in its facts by some.

The filmmakers themselves actually show footage of various people attacking Gore, or claiming that the data he is presenting is not based in fact.

An Inconvenient Truth -  How many more years till we feel it?

BUT, or more probably, because of such balance, it remains a landmark effort by Al Gore to help raise consciousness of the seriousness of global warming and how it's you and me contributing to it.

This film, plus adult- and kids versions of the book, are a prime educational resource.

An Inconvenient Truth results from Al Gore's personal passion about the subject of climate change. He got a Nobel Prize Peace Prize for it and he deserves it.

How the heck can you make a powerpoint presentation entertaining? And that's essentially what the movie is: a presentation that Al Gore had already given more than a 1000 times.

Gore's personal story is woven throughout this documentary. Great call, as the huge issue of global warming is felt in and connected to our individual lives. It's overwhelming enormity is thus made manageable through this personal lens.

The result is a fascinating and convincing film about global warming as Earth's ultimate environmental crisis.Gore juggles stats, history and examples in order to motivate his audience to take personal steps in reversing the harmful effects of global warming and induce political responsibility

To lighten up what is essentially a grim scenario, Al Gore shows a spoof of an educational film animated by the people at "The Simpsons". Healthily he does not shrink from poking fun at himself and his political ambitions and troubles.

There is a book of An Inconvenient Truth as well, as well as a young readers version.

One day the movie and the book may be seen as historical milestones moving along understanding of human-made global warming. Now THAT might be Unwelcome Truth to Gore's critics...

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