Alternative to Nuclear Energy

by Vinodhini

I just want to find some other resources instead of nuclear energy. My very small idea is here.

Though its not too significant or efficient, it'll be significant over decades.

Just select a particular land suitable for cultivation only by natural means so that the fertility of the soil is remaining unaffected. Plant more trees. Within the duration for the growth of the trees construct some turbines and equipments just very nearer to the cultivated lands..Cut half of the plants and burn it so that the steam is used to drive turbines from which we can produce electricity. The merit is that the Carbon di-oxide liberated will be consumed by the trees itself. So it is eco friendly and non polluting. As bio manures are used the fertility of the soil is maintained..It'll be an efficient method. May it is modest now but definitely when compared to hazardous wast in nuclear energy its better. If anyone finds it good please implement this and experience the result.

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