Looking For An Alternative Fuel Car?

Looking for an alternative fuel car is hugely popular nowadays, and for good reasons. Aren’t we all looking for alternatives with indecently rising gas prices and the threat of greenhouse gas emissions having melted polar ice water lapping at our ankles?

If that's not not enough, mortgage payments, interest rates, rising food and electrical energy prices further add to pressures on your finances.

Still cannot afford to buy an alternative fuel car, like many people? But you cannot stop driving to stop your pain at the pump either? Consider converting your car to electric.

Some alternative fuel cars run on ethanol but others convert their cars to electric.

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Lets move on... OR

Teach yourself to drive more fuel-efficiently with your old car. The results might surprise you!

What is an alternative fuel car?

Air cars, solar cars, water cars, hybrids, hydrogen cars, efficient diesels, biodiesel, LPG and more..,. They are all part of a mix of options. And the future is here now!

Obviously, an alternative fuel car is a vehicle that runs on non-mainstream fuel. And mainstream fuel, of course, is petrol or diesel. Fossil fuel products that have their problems. Peak oil bites twice: in rising prices due to dwindling reserves and through carbon offset pricing.

Transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. America's cars and pickup trucks alone make up 30% of the nearly 700 million vehicles globally. But they are responsible for nearly half of the greenhouse gases emitted by those cars. In Europe transport accounts for 21% of greenhouse gas emissions.

So-called "green cars" can deliver better fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Good for the planet and good for your wallet.

Each US gallon (about 3.75 litres) of gasoline, emits 22 pounds (about 11 kilograms) of CO2. With about 700 million cars on Earth, projected to double by 2030, we’d better get on with it.

Obviously you think so too.

Water Fuel Car

In 1992 Stanley Meyer patented a system where a car engine could run on 100% water. Since his death in 1998 all kinds of conspiracy stories have circulated on the web. And, unfortunately his alternative fuel car results have never been replicated.

Whatever the truth of his alternative fuel cars concept, or the stories, fact is that thousands of motorists are now driving on DIY water fuel systems that cost them little to make and install. And they're saving up to 50% in fuel costs and more on greenhouse gas emissions. And they don't use much water either... More on that here.

Electric Cars

Among alternative fuel cars, the plug-in electric car needs no fuel at all. Emission free itself. BUT, of course the emissions from conventional power plants that charge this vehicle's batteries is another factor.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrids use a limited amount of petrol and store electrical energy while you drive. They have certainly taken a foothold in bridging today to a world which uses energy more sustainably.

Diesel cars can run on biodiesel

And modern diesels are no longer the smoke-belching pollution generators they once were. And some now even boast fuel-efficiency comparable to a Toyota Prius hybrid. Of course you can make your own biodiesel. But biofuels have significant socio-environmental downsides too.

Mexicans for example found that their staple food, tortillas, skyrocketed in prices because of the biofuel industry based on corn. And vast tracts of tropical forests (carbon sinks!!) in Indonesia and elsewhere are mowed down in favour of planting palm oil.

Flexible fuel cars

Flexible fuel cars can drive on petrol mixed with ethanol or another biofuel. You could call cars that drive on a petrol/water mixture a type of flexible fuel car. Although water in itself isn't. Intrigued? Currently there are various water fuel resources on offer. Some sell quality HHO gas generators that you can install with confidence, even in trucks.

Want to know more? water fuel

LPG fuelled cars

In 2008 some 250,000 vehicles drive on LPG in Australia, with its excellent nation-wide LPG fuel network.

I drive a factory-made LPG (liquid petroleum gas) fuelled Ford Falcon myself. Half the gasoline fuel price but less energy-efficient. Its clean fuel means about 15% lower greenhouse emissions compared to petrol and a longer engine life. Australian petrol-driven cars are converted at virtually no direct cost to you: Federal and State subsidies combined make this a no-brainer. And... Western Australia is self-sufficient in LPG - an easy feeling.

Hydrogen car

A hydrogen vehicle converts the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy in one of two ways: combustion or electrochemical conversion in a fuel cell. Where the the production of hydrogen fuel is by using fossil fuel power plants, it is still a contributor to greenhouse gasses. However, using its fuel cell technology, there are nil emissions from the car's exhaust. Not really viable yet although Honda has produced the first commercial model, the FCX Clarity. Available to Southern Californians first. Something to do with the Governator's renewable energy policies...

Solar car

Uses as much of its body surface as possible in capturing solar energy through photovoltaic cells. Not a commercial option today due to cost of solar PV cells.

Air car

Yes! There really is such a thing. Take the MDI (Moteur Development International ). It operates on two technologies : Single energy compressed air engines and dual energy compressed air plus fuel engines. They claim no, or low emissions, affordability, a loooong driving range, and will shortly have this car on the market. How does it work? The power of compressed air.

Have a look under the bonnet of this air car yourself and perhaps buy and install your own pre-commercial Quasi-turbine production engine.

You can buy and install your own pre-commercial production engine here. The air car is on a steady rise and will be part of our transporatation future aloingside electric cars and Brown's gas-powered vehicles.

Liquid nitrogen car

Fuelled by liquid nitrogen, this alternative fuel car also claims zero emissions. Problem is, it takes a lot of electricity to make it and electricity will still be made largely by burning greenhouse-gas emitting fossil fuels, for many years.

And it is a highly explosive fuel to carry in your tank. The on-board hydrogen generator seems a much safer concept for now. Is this alternative fuel car viable? You judge.

But, you still ask, is the alternative fuel car available NOW?


Watch this.

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