Against Nuclear Power and yes for renewable energy

by Kay
(South Ockendon, England)

Nuclear power is a bad source of energy. It produces radiation, and if, by any chance reactors leak, it's going to cost the lives of innocents. Nuclear power plant are one of those place that terrorists would target. This is a very dangerous situation for the country as well as the globe, due to the fact if one plant does blow up, it might be able to link to another plant and blow that up too, and if the chain continues, there would be no such thing as Earth. (It could be possible).

we should all put our thumbs up for renewable energy, like using the sun for example. Governments keeps saying that the equipment, the materials to build lots of these costs millions, but why don't they use the money on the renewable ones instead of nuclear or fossil. Government should power all homes using renewable energy. It should make sure that every houses has a solar panel, and do so without taking any money. This is the thing, the government says that they cost too much, they don't have the money to get it. The thing is, the money does not make the materials, other substances do. If all the countries get together, everyone get together, giving each other what they need to build a clean country, using renewable energy as the main source, money does not matter because the reward would go on forever. the global warming would slow down (nature takes it place, we just help the global warming to happen earlier),everyone would have fresh air to breath, nuclear attack would not be worrying people. If all the countries get together in peace, everyone would be living peacefully. I hope this will happen in near future, before my life ends.

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