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Comments for
Against Nuclear Power and yes for renewable energy

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Apr 08, 2009
Poor Info
by: Anonymous

nuclear power will not last forever! Uranium ore is already becoming harder to find and it will eventually run out.

Feb 21, 2008
by: Anonymous

The person that said no to nuclear energy and yes to renewable energy obviously is very uneducated. First of all, terrorists wouldn't be able to get to the nuclear power-plants to target them because they are well protected and sealed off. And that chain reaction was a very far-fetched idea, and you parenthesized that it could happen. That's hilarious, like every nuclear power-plant is just lined up next to the other and a chain reaction occurs, that's nonsense, and chances of a plant blowing up today are extremely low. As for renewable energy- I agree that it is a great source of energy and a great alternative to fossil fuels and other harmful sources of energy to the Earth, but your logic is very bad. Obviously, the government cares about money, but they don't do it because it would cost too much, they choose not to do it because they get too much money from the fossil fuels such as petroleum. They have plenty of money to build such solar-panels, but the renewable energy would mean that people wouldn't pay for it, and that's where it hurts the government, because fossil fuels are one of the biggest money-makers today. That's my two-cents worth, and please, stay educated for your own sake!

Feb 06, 2008
bad info
by: Anonymous

Nuclear power plants are not connected in any way. If one would be a target, that would be the end. Power plants are not made to "leak" and would never "leak".
Why would they used twice as much money on solar power (that wears out after time) when they could just build nuclear plants and continue to use them forever?

Jan 08, 2008
Kay from England
by: steve carew

In our fight for a clean planet we must always remember we are not fighting people to make them see what is happening, we are fighting the money that these people make from keeping things the way that they are. If there is to be any change it will happen with us the little people. The governments will undoubtedly take the credit once it happens. They can have the credit all we want is a clean planet. I am thru trying to talk to your government about a clean way of creating power that we can live with in a clean planet. My last e-mail was to The Guardian in which I informed then that with the 3.3 million pounds that the government would have to spend for the next ten years to bring about a somewhat clean society in England I have a way to supply almost all of England with clean power. That was then I am still waiting for a reply.
Steve Carew

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