What's The Advantage Of Renewable Energy?

So you want to know what is the advantage of renewable energy?

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Well, when using energy from sources that are easily replaced, you are using renewable energy. Examples are the use of sunshine, wind, flowing water, biological- and geothermal processes. They are often described as clean and green forms of energy because of their minimal environmental impact compared to fossil fuels.

One advantage of renewable energy therefore is the more sustainable use of finite sources of energy.

renewable energy advantages You probably are aware of that advantage already. But of course there is more. And by the way, there is much that you can do yourself about using renewable energy. And many ready-made solutions to applying renewable energy in your home exist.

No carbon-based planet warming and polluting

The advantage of renewable resources includes their inability to produce carbon-based warming and polluting agents into the atmosphere. The financial cost of its applications is not always cheap but if the environmental costs of using fossil fuels are accounted for, renewable energy wins hands-down. There are also indirect savings on health and its costs as there are no harmful emissions.

The great advantages of renewable energy then are:

  • We can use it repeatedly without depleting it.
  • No contribution to global warming,
  • No polluting emissions
  • Low cost applications when counting all costs
  • Saving on health and its costs

But there is still more.

The advantage of finding your personal renewable energy

From low-life to low-entropy life.

The first law of thermo-dynamics says that the total amount of energy on our planet remains constant. The second law states that as forms of energy are expended they become less easily available.

That is entropy: the slow winding down of available energy.

Renewable energy: a sweet harvest.

When you burn coal, gas or oil you rapidly convert a relatively easily available, concentrated source of energy into a much less available form: dispersed exhaust gases.

A highly concentrated energy source, built up over millions of years quickly gone up in smoke!

So, burning fossil fuels is a high-entropy way of using energy.

Using renewable energy however merely taps into a natural flow of energy, sunlight, moving water, wind, biological- or geothermal processes. These are part of natural cycles of highs and lows.

Their energy is truly renewable as it remains available to the same degree and is not depleted any more than it otherwise would by using it—an advantage of renewable energy that we have discussed.

This is a low-entropy way of using energy.

An advantage of renewable energy therefore is that it requires us to rise to the occasion, and to bring out our best inner resources.

Smart Living

Working out how to use renewable resources in living well is smart living because it requires your...

  • intelligent creativity,
  • sense of responsibility towards others and your environment,
  • and good humour to ride the not always predictable low-entropy wave of life.

As a result you may change the world for the better, if “only” by making small changes. Despite the overwhelming problems of global warming! After all, many small changes got us to where we are now!

So, go with the flow, as Taoists for example have always advocated and use your emotional intelligence.

Qualities of intelligent creativity, a sense of responsibility, and good humour tend to come to the fore when people are with their backs up against the wall, faced with the inevitable, such as disability, chronic illness or impending death.

These qualities then become their personal alternate, renewable, low entropy energy source in living well under challenging conditions. In living like that they model the generous nature of the sun.

Are you in need of topping up of that particular kind of personal low entropy fuel? I know that I need to fill my tank regularly!

Before you set out on your journey towards using renewable energy, think of the small things that you can do today, and every day, to help someone else. Try out the amazing low-entropy powers of your smile or a compliment!

Then… move on to bigger things, however you see them.

Perhaps among all this is the greatest advantage of renewable energy: a change in global attitude that starts with you and me.

We cannot have a sustainable world without that, not with all the renewable energy sources in the world.

And yes of course... Within that mindset it's good to do your practical share towards helping the Earth also. For example, by promoting environment-friendly products. One opportunity for protecting the environment is by opting for a going green home business opportunity through the use of Ecoquest International air purification products that help keep the air clean and healthy.

Summary of advantages of renewable energy

To summarise:

  • renewable energy advantages
  • advantages of renewable energy
  • Non-renewable fossil fuel use causes global environmental problems,
  • Renewable energy sources have environmental, health and cost advantages over fossil fuels,
  • Renewable energy sources are crucial to sustainable human life on planet Earth,
  • And the final advantage of renewable energy: Thinking about this and using it has the advantage of transforming ourselves into flourishing, truly social human beings.

Still have more questions?

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