Acabion – A Hybrid Car Revolution



The Acabion, launched at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, is a Swiss engineered car with remarkable qualities.

You've heard about other green cars. But this one takes the cake!

It's a truly fuel efficient car. It is a 4-cylinder, two-seater hybrid car, with 6 gears, and which drives on fuel/electrical power.

And it's as scarce as hen's teeth!

Well, you say. Yeah... that's a bit unusual, but tell me more.

How about this:

  • It can accelerate from 0 – 400 km/hr in 20 – yes TWENTY! - seconds
  • Its top speed is 600 km/hr. YES, that's SIX HUNDRED
  • Fuel consumption at 200 km/hr is three times lower than that of a compact diesel car
  • At 100 km/hr, on a 90 fuel tank, it has a 2,400 km range
  • It can operate well at low speeds too, 10, 20, 30 km/hr no problem
  • Its electric motor entirely powers the car in urban regions

Acabion fuel efficiency

Its fuel efficiency is derived from

  • Fuel-electric hybrid properties
  • Smallness. Length 510 cm, width 78 cm, height 127 cm
  • Being lightweight - 300 to 360 kilos depending on the model
  • Aerodynamic efficiency
  • Materials: top-of-the line avionic steel, titanium and carbon fibre

The Acabion.  A remarkable new hybrid car

Acabion – a hybrid in more ways than one

It is a truly international composition.

What do I mean? Listen to this

This amazing car is the brainchild of Swiss engineers Lenka Mikova and Dr Peter Maskus.

  • It has an Italian design
  • British racing and engine competence
  • German automotive expertise
  • US dragster parts
  • A Hamamatsu engine
  • Swiss manufacturing precision
  • Australian computer control for the turboboost by Turbosmart

Its cost?

Sit down first.

AUS$2.53 Million.

Oh yeah, and about the hen's teeth...

Only 26 of these cars will be produced between 2007-2011. From there on the creators plan for falling prices.

If you order one now you'll have one in three year's time. That's the production plan. That's it.

I guess if you can find a spare $2.5 million you'll be able to purchase something else to drive around in till then. Hybrid cars? Acabion. Faster than a speeding bullet train! Plenty of choice nowadays. Or electric cars, they're part of the future.

Is it for everyone?

But... But...

Even at that price there will be buyers.

As always, magical technology is seductive. It has a valuable role to play in ameliorating climate change.

The causes of global warming however reside in over-technological thinking. And in over-emphasis on material progress and individual prosperity.

By all means get your Acabion but also make your daily contribution in your own thoughtful, daily actions towards others and towards the environment.