Who Is Erik Leipoldt? A Baby Boomer Of Course!

So what's this about Erik Leipoldt? And what's he trying to do with this SBI site? Well, yes, I am a baby boomer of course! Who else but people from the "irresponsible" generation would put up a website about environmental and social responsibility—and about what you can do?

Erik Leipoldt, a regular baby-booming father, husband, concerned about global warming, disability advocate and para-legal guy

The "make love, not war" generation becoming responsible? It happens!

Born in Amsterdam, I have lived "two lives"—so far. Actually, there are a few pairs of such lives in my life... I am a funny cat!

Sorry, I am confusing you. Let me explain because my personal experience is very much part of the story behind this website about alternate energy sources.

I roughly have spent half my life in The Netherlands and the other half in Australia. I have also lived a bit over half my life with paralysis, quadriplegia.


What’s that you ask?

Yes, it is the second half for both.

I have long been concerned about "the environment", and about "pollution." I recently found a high school essay of mine where cops would do such things as arrest smokers for adding to pollution. And they would be banned from public, clean oxygen dispensers for a time. All tongue-in-cheek of course at the time, but... these days coming closer to reality perhaps?

I have also long been interested in social issues. I was involved in mental health nursing, before I broke my neck by diving into the Indian Ocean. I gained experience in various roles, in disability advocacy, policy and services afterwards. And horticulture!

These interests have come together in applying, what I call a "disability experience of interdependence" to sustainable living. As you move through my website, and as it develops, you will see how the personal knowledge of living well with fragility, dependency and limits, is of great practical value towards a sustainable world--says he! I believe that it pushes our noses onto practical values that are a lifeline in our chaotic world.

Am I a perfect person with a disability, a supercrip, a saint, or hero, who has conquered his disability like some amputees do Mount Everest?

Emphatically: NO!

I don’t find that life is not getting any easier as the years tick by. But I am more conscious of the richness of life. About the possibility of meaning and reward under frustrating and challenging conditions. And I got a little better at navigating the shallows and the shadows. Many other things I am yet to learn about.

I have a PhD in philosophy. My thesis explored the views and experiences of Dutch and Australian people with disabilities on the topic of euthanasia. A subject where dependence, limits and vulnerability play important roles. Here you can find some of my recent writings about the value of the disability experience towards a sustainable world

And here is another: The Role Of Love In A Sustainable World.

Here are some more references and direct links:

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From time to time I will also post short articles on alternate energy sources, global warming, and so on, that you may publish on your own website or in your ezine.

My wish for this website is that it may stimulate conscious thought about the global predicament we’re all in and about appropriate values for living well, as much as technological answers to our problems.

Your feedback, comment, news and ideas are always welcome! Please come back often.

Kind regards,

Erik PS...

How I Built This Site

So you want to know how I built my website - and how it got to be in the top 1 percent on the web for my main keywords?

With Site Build It! I knew nothing of HTML or anything else about website building when I started.

But with SBI I did not need that. You can build a site with an easy block builder.

And I got a lot of help from the SBI forums.

I was unsure whether I could also make an income from my passion - the environment and climate change, just working from home.

But I have. There you are. Now you know.

Enjoy Alternate Energy Sources For A Flourishing Future.


Whether or not you want to build an SBI site (on global warming?), the information in the Ten Day SBI Action Guide is very valuable. You can apply it to any site. Here it is with my compliments