A Million Reasons Why...

by They call me "Z" (Probably 'cause they don't feel like saying my name...)

Global warming is something that we all can help slow down. But nuclear energy? People are always looking for ways to make money, dangerous or not. That's why I disagree with nuclear energy being clean, safe, and everything else good that's not related to money.

Those leaders out there who are relying on nuclear energy are putting many countless lives in danger. If anything in the factory goes wrong, people get injured, die, or get cancer. Toxic wastes are spread throughout the area, and it takes nature years, decades, and even centuries to grow back.

Whatever we need to do to stop or prevent Global Warming is not nuclear energy, it's a different alternative. More like solar energy, or making more windmills in Texas and open places. So, in result, nuclear energy is not the answer to Global Warming, for it is dangerous, toxic, and makes people paranoid.

From a random 7th grader, who has nothing else to do...

Whisson windmill

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