Rinspeed sQuba – Wet, Wild, Topless And Electric

The Rinspeed sQuba! Swiss-made, goes like clockwork, up to 10 metres under water.

Whereas this concept car is certainly exciting, it draws our attention to using wate IN your car to save hugely on mileage. Yes! Even James Bond had not thought of this...

"Yeah, well I have a Swiss watch that I can take 50 metres under water", you say.

But, hang on, I'm talking about an emission-free electric car that can go on road, on water, and under it.

Remember James Bond Roger Moore taking his Lotus under water in "The Spy Who Loved Me", in 1977? Well, that was an animation. The sQuba is real.

Rinspeed's boss, Frank Rinderknecht, is a James bond fan and, for the last thirty years, pondered on how to bring this concept to life. He's done it. He's taken a Lotus Elise car and remade it.

Now it's an open-topped roadster with three electric motors in the back. One provides propulsion on the road. The other two drive its propellors under water. There are two jet drives in the bow to propel the vehicle underwater when diving.

Air for the driver and passenger comes from its own integrated tank of compressed air. Channel crossings or island hopping will never be the same!

And like all true plug-in electric cars its greenhouse gas emissions are zero.

It is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and uses energy-saving LED lighting

Of course, this concept car will never

Sorry? What? Oh, yes of course the ocean is salty and rusts any car landing in it in no time.

They've thought of that.

It's water tight, pressure resistant and salt-water resistant!

The Rinspeed sQuba's body components are made of carbon nano tubes. This is a low-weight, and strong material which encloses the two-seat cockpit.

You can drive it on land, yourself or, in true Bond style, through a sophisticated laser sensor system drive it on remote control.

See it move under water here

Like the Tesla Roadster - an electric car too but on-road only only unlike our Rinspeed sQuba, and the Acabion , the Rinspeed sQuba is a glimpse into the future – traffic jams from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific!

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