Looking for 2008 Hybrid Cars? – How To Choose

How to choose your 2008 hybrid cars or alternative fuel car in this rapidly growing automotive field?

Whether it's 2008 or 2007 hybrid cars – or indeed any car, you gain by being prepared.

No-one can do this for you. It involves some personal research to determine your best options. You can even build your own hybrid mileage miser yourself! Don't believe me? Click here to learn how to convert your car to electric. Without a framework you might miss out on assessing crucial factors in your forthcoming purchase.

On this page you go through Step Five of Six in how to choose your hybrid in Six Easy Steps. If you landed on this page first, please go back to start at the beginning.

No matter whether it is one among 2008 hybrid cars that's waiting for you or used hybrid cars, this framework will help you now and beyond 2008.


Did you know you could pick up a used hybrid or perhaps even an electric car for a great price at car auctions? For example, we found a Toyota Prius hybrid - sold for under $6,000. Vehicles sold at auctions usually come with full maintenance records and may still be under warranty too.

Step Five – Any Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid technology is a little more complex than for a regular petrol-driven car. A hybrid involves more than maintaining just your regular Honda Civic. 2008 hybrid cars are quite a different kettle of fish. Your local mechanic may not be able to service it and that means being reliant on your dealership for maintenance. Even if your dealership sells the very best of hybrid cars, do make sure that you can also get local, competent and fairly-priced maintenance from them.Of course routine tasks such as an oil- or tyre change can be done by your mechanic. Cost of parts is not a huge issue with the very long warranties on hybrid car parts. And you'll need fewer oil changes.

Battery cost a problem? Not really with Ford and Toyota batteries lasting more than 10,000 miles in fleet use. And batteries are getting better all the time.

The hybrid car shutting off unexpectedly? Well, it's designed to do so when you do not need the combustion engine. Unsettling to hear nothing but rest assured it will go when you put your foot down. Yes, there were some software problems with the Prius but these have been fixed.

Unless you get yours at an auction, presently hybrids cost between US$3000 and $5000 more than their petrol-only cousins. The cost is hard to justify on 2008 hybrid cars? Don't buy it for economic reasons. With a higher purchase cost and tax incentives phasing out it would take many years for you to recoup on fuel savings alone. The Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid are currently the only hybrids where you can save money within five years. It is mainly an environmental decision. Do you want to pay a price?

Hybrids do not perform well? It depends. Buy a smaller hybrid car and have adequate acceleration power or get a bigger one that outruns a V6. Go back to Step One: what are your needs?

Can I get my purchase price back after five years when I resell my hybrid car? No. Whereas resale prices have been good for some models, they are not for others. With ever-growing hybrid units coming on the road resale prices will flatten out. From 30,000 hybrid cars in 2003, hundreds of thousands of hybrids are now on the road. Check your local prices and don't bank on anything!

Is the mileage really that good? Find and read reviews of the models you are interested in. Not all Hybrid cars are as fuel-efficient as the next. And this will change over time with constant engineering and design improvements.

Any safety concerns? Nope! All modern cars have to conform to many safety standards so the best hybrid cars will be at least as safe as any car. And 2008 hybrid cars certainly will.

Step Six – Choosing Your Hybrid Car

Whether you make a choice among 2008 hybrid cars or any other, you need to know how do hybrid cars work, and much more. Whereas not so long ago there were just few choices, today you have many. Want a sedan, a wagon, SUV, or a truck? Well, at least you've sorted that out, having gone through the previous 5 Steps.

This framework for choosing the best hybrid car would outlive its usefulness pretty quickly if I simply gave you a dated list of hybrid cars to compare.

There are many sites that will continually update that kind of information. Here is a good one with clear comparisons between hybrid models.


Now you're ready to use ChooseIt again.

Even if you ignored my advice to use before you read the Six Steps, just do it now. It is a great decision-making framework. Compare your results.

Well, that's it! You have all the information you need. You can now go out and get 'em! Happy hybrid hunting.

Other than 2008 hybrid cars and all, you want to know more about electric cars too? Can do! Go right ahead!

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